Must Visit Places For Couples in Fiji

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Couples always prefer to go to a destination that will enable them to enjoy their time together in seclusion. Out of all the destinations around the World Fiji provides a perfect opportunity to all those couples who are looking to make their quality time spent together a memorable one. There are quite a few places all around Fiji that are home to a number of romantic honeymoon resorts where couples can relax on the white sandy beaches and enjoy a private dinner under the stars.

All the places that I going to mention below are one of the most pristine and private islands in Fiji that are nowhere less than paradise on Earth.



Taveuni, which is known as the garden island of Fiji, boasts of some of the amazing flora and fauna. By taking a short domestic flight on the Fiji link from Nadi you will be able to reach the island. Taveuni is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the lush hiking trails and cool off on the waterfall spots with your loved ones. The Taveuni Island Resort and Spa has private villas that will offer all the luxurious facilities to you. Each private villa is over 100 sq. meter that will give you and your better half a proper view of the oceans. This is possible due to the big floor to ceiling windows that are present on all the sides of the villa. Over here you can enjoy your precious time by lounging for the whole day in seclusion with your loved one.



Malolo Island is situated on the western side of Viti Levu that can be reached by taking a 10 min ride on the seaplane. The island is the perfect place for a short vacation that is located pretty near to the Nadi Airport. It is a remote and peaceful romantic gateway that will enable the couples to enjoy the picturesque natural beauty. The island covers a distance of well over 2000 acres and will ensure that privacy for the couples. It is an archipelago of 20 islands and is one of the most visited places in Fiji by the tourists. A couple of Hollywood movies have also been shot on the islands.

Wadigi Island


The island is situated somewhere in between the Mamanuca Islands and is a perfect combination of luxurious accommodations, a plethora of activities and will give you enough space to spend your time privately. The beach villa houses are exotic and the deluxe air conditioned suites will provide you with World Class amenities. The wide verandahs will allow you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views while lying on the day beds. The Wadigi Islands will offer a wide range of adventurous activities that include water skiing, snorkeling, tubing, trekking, helicopter rides and dolphin tours.



Yasawa is a looming chain of 20 islands that make up the western border of Fiji. In Fijian, Yasawa means ‘Heaven’ which is quite true due to the statuesque and stunning islands. The landscape that is formed by the islands is quite dramatic and will allow the couples to make their vacation together a memorable one. You won’t be finding any banks or shops in Yasawa that will allow you to cut yourself from the normal World for a few days. You can also take a day trip to the Drawaqa Island or the Barefoot Manta Island that is regarded as one of the best manta ray safaris. As the island is quite close to the manta ray feeding channel as a couple you will be able to have a great experience of diving or swimming with the manta rays. Swimming in the deep blue ocean alongside manta rays will be a memory that you are going to cherish with your loved one for the rest of your life.

Matangi Islands


Fiji has numerous breathtaking private islands that are a perfect hideaway for couples that are looking for some privacy. Matangi is one of those secluded islands that has white sand beaches and tropical rainforests. The island is horseshoe shaped and is one of the three tiny volcanic islands that are located on the eastern side of the Taveuni Islands. Matangi Islands were not quite popular earlier and only gained recognition when it was transformed into a secret paradise by some of the private owners. The Matangi Private Island Resort will offer the couples some packages that have been tailored by keeping them in mind. The resort has a few signature villas that include three treehouses which include a private king day bed, private sun deck, outdoor Jacuzzi and great view of the sunset.

Dolphin Island


The Dolphin Island is located on the Suncoast side of the main island that every couple must visit if they are looking for a luxurious and exclusive romantic hideaway. One aspect which sets the island apart from the others is that the bookings which are done for the islands are on an exclusive use basis. This means that when you book the island no other person would get the access to it and you along with your significant half will be the only one present on the island.

During the daytime, you can go hiking in the local forest, go fishing, kayaking, diving or relax by taking a spa treatment.

In The End

The places or the islands that have been mentioned in this post are among the must visit destination for couples. The ambiance and relaxing feel that is associated with these is the reason why every couple should visit at least one of these places while on a romantic vacation in Fiji. It is always better to do some form of prior research before landing on a foreign land. I hope this post will serve the purpose for all those couples who are in search of one of the best locations to travel to in Fiji.

Did I miss any of the places that should have been mentioned in the above post? If yes, then I would love to know about them from you along with your comments regarding the post.

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