Motorcycle tours in Mongolia

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Discover and enjoy new place: motorcycle tours through the heart of Mongolia
Mongolia is an area of dramatic deserts, limitless steppe and forested mountains. Begin an entirely new cultural experience and drive with us through this spectacular landscapes. See past hundreds of years still thriving in Ulaan Baatar, the country’s capital, and former trading post between Siberia and China. Centuries ago Mongolia was the prominent world power, as Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan designed up the Mongol Kingdom. Now, little is left, but the caravan tracks endure, and so do the camps on them, which form the basis of our tour. You will discover and understand more about the nomadic people that wander this amazingly untamable area.

All who have noticed Mongolia have fun with the helpful hospitality of the people and the charm of their relaxing and nomadic way of life. Mongolians still choose a soulful experience with the equine and their driving abilities are natural. The yurt, a flexible residing that comprises of wood made posts and a felt covering, conforms to the nomadic lifestyle of the non-urban Mongol people and will also provide the housing during much of our outback moves. Consider this a highlight and expect to learn about the special etiquette and concepts of the yurt as it is more than just a roof over your head: it is a place of worship, comfort and social hospitalities.

When you listen to Mongolia, you start considering about Adventure, Expedition, awesome views, and wildness…You imagine yourself in the center of the Gobi desert or alone in the center of the large steps surrounded by Yaks or camels. Si oímos la palabra Mongolia pensamos en aventura, expedición, paisajes espectaculares, naturaleza… Right there, resting on your unclean bike, experiencing the loneliness of the place far away from a big busy town.

Mongolia Motorcycle tours & Touring

Take a tremendous motorcycle tours in Mongolia on your vacation! Experience some of the best driving on our Mongolia motorcycle tours. You can choose to drive your own motorcycle for the tour or rent a motorcycle if you don’t own one or if it is more near do so. Enjoy first class Mongolia motorcycle travelling in Mongolia and drive together with other bikers down scenic roads and routes. All you need to focus on is the breeze in your face and taking in the sights on motorcycle tours. The motorcycle adventures are sure to be an exciting tour.
The ride is likely to be the most relieving in your life, with clear routeing over wide lawn areas where few streets are available of any nature. After all who needs streets where the horse still serves as the main mode of transport for the vast majority of the population? Off-road experience is essential.

About Bike and bike Repair experts

The Royal Enfield is classic motorbikes made for the fans of a fine piece of engineering. These famous motorbikes acquired a cult status and will permanently stay in the heart of their riders. With their new 500cc engines, we add power for the ride. Their seats are comfortable, and no hotspots are to be discovered even on long tours. The brakes respond very well and interact with for a very safe tour too. We improved the suspension making lower vibrations; this especially is to be valued understanding the often chaotic quality of the roads found in Mongolia. Even if it is possible to get a rate of 120 kmph on introduced streets, the common rate would be from 80 to 90 kmph on the best conditions and from 20 to 40 kmph off-roads, the paths are difficult especially while crossing rivers, for example.

During the tour, you will be signed up with by:

  • There also available a westerner professional guide, both English and France speaking person that is qualified for handling number of riders, and knows the best Mongolian landscape. We will always suggest following his judgment/instinct, especially regarding protection issues.
  • Another vehicle that provides all the necessary devices and extra parts
  • A Mongolian mechanic, who’s familiar with Royal Enfield and qualified by European professionals.

The motorcycle tours in Mongolia are not for those who search for beauty or modern Western style amenities. However if one were to look at the tour experience on qualities of cultural interaction and the benefits of riding lands known to only a few, there is possibly no more fulfilling or stimulating drive than our The Gobi and the Great North Adventure. Mongolia and driving have some romantic relationship: the wide grassland gives you complete control and independence over your motorbike on the beautiful roads of the country.

But Mongolia is also creating quite a reputation as a place to go for some truly awesome tour. These contain climbing, backpacking, mountaineering, horse and camel trekking, yak cart tours, bike and motorcycle tours, quad-bike tours, tubing, windsurfing, and paragliding. With its crystal-clear air, large landscapes and wide capabilities, Mongolia is an open invitation for adventure lovers.

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