What you can do look amazing from head to toe when traveling?

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Women care a lot about looking and feeling good regardless of the circumstances. Traveling is fun, exhilarating, and incredibly relaxing. But some places around the world are harsh on the skin. Both high and low temperatures trigger dehydration, meaning that if you don’t use the right products, your complexion will suffer. Nonetheless, there are ways to enjoy your trip without destroying your looks. Here are some tips on what you can do look amazing from head to toe when traveling.

Hydrate & moisturize

Whether you’re traveling to the heart of Africa, or heading to the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, moisturizing your skin is fundamental. It will make sure it looks healthy and glowing. Dermatologists advise women to use products with SPF factors, especially on the face. Hand cream is just as important, particularly if you’re traveling someplace with really low temperatures.

The complexion becomes greasy when you don’t drink a lot of water. Greasy skin goes hand in hand with dry skin. Top-quality products are very important because they help nourish the deeper layers of the skin; tough weather conditions damages the epidermis, meaning that it’s vital to invest in organic products that contain all-natural ingredients.

Ditch heavy foundation

Ditch heavy foundation when you travel, and replace it with a nourishing moisturizer. Whether you travel by plane or car, keep in mind that the journey will be stressful. Rather than look tired and risk further skin complications that might happen because of climate change, it’s best to keep it simple and natural. If you want to use foundation anyway, apply primer first. Substitute your daily product with a BB cream that’s lighter in composition. A silicone-based primer helps protect the skin from accumulating any sort of chemicals that harms the complexion.


Keep oily skin under control

When you travel your skin might get out of control; which is perfectly normal. It depends where you’re going and how long it takes to get there. Nonetheless, you should have rice papers or blotting papers with you to dab the T zone and chin. The purpose is to get rid of the extra shine and prevent the onset of zits and pimples. Hydration is equally important, so make sure to drink plenty of water to keep the skin looking fresh.

Invest in 2-in-1 products

Keep makeup as simple as you possibly can when traveling, and invest in 2-in-1 products. A blush & highlighter stick, for example, is all you need to refresh the face and make it look nice when traveling. It is a versatile product that all women should have in their purses. For a more finished look, choose a light powder. Make sure it’s qualitative; mineral makeup is the best. It doesn’t charge the face, and it keeps the complexion looking perfect all day long. When you’re on the go, you should focus more on enjoying the travel experience; not on your makeup. Light products don’t charge the face; you will feel a lot better and you’ll do your skin a great favor too.

Eye serum

An 8-hour flight or a 2-day journey with the car is the kind of trip that makes you look extremely tired. Say goodbye to puffy eyes with the best eye serum. It will help you feel fresh too. There are lots of products available on the market; choose the one that contains organic ingredients. It will refresh your complexion, and your eyes won’t feel tired anymore. The best products keep wrinkles and fine lines under control; which is something all women want.


Traveling for either business or pleasure is tiring. It is possible to look good after an 8-hour flight though, and the key is to use light makeup products. An organic serum for oily skin, a BB cream with a SPF above 30, and face water are essentials every woman should have in her purse while on the go. These products will keep your complexion look and feeling fabulous. Forget all about pimples and uneven skin; hydrate and drink a lot of water too.

Water rejuvenates the skin, and restores pH levels. This matters a lot when traveling to places with intense heat. Last but not least, enjoy the journey and stop paying that much attention to makeup.

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