How Much Could it Cost to Travel the Whole USA in 6 Months?

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Traveling to the United States is an amazing and fun-filled experience. There are many beautiful places to visit in this indulging and diverse nation. It is the most captivating destination in the entire world and the most stunning gateway to visit in the USA is Washington D.C. It features the most famous and magnificent White House, Pentagon, US Capitol and Washington Monument. You can have a wonderful experience exploring this destination during your journey by making use of the reliable car services made available for the tourists.

Plan Your Stay in the USA

USA is surrounded by a wide range of museums, galleries, beaches and malls and you can enjoy a memorable stay here. The cost of the trip in the United States mainly depends on the kind of trip an individual chooses and there are self-drive road trips also facilitated for convenience of tourists. You can figure out the cost of your trip to the whole of USA in 6 months by keeping a few things in mind. Your budget would increase if you opt to stay in luxury hotels and enjoy fine dining. On the other hand, if you plan to stay in a motel and opt for budget eats then the expense would be less. The cost of travel also depends on the place you stay as places like New York and San Francisco are expensive options.

Important Costs to Take Care of

The main costs that need to be taken care of include accommodation, transport costs, sight-seeing costs, and most importantly food costs. The main costs associated with your US trip would be accommodation and it can be avoided if you are renting a camper van. There are a wide range of accommodations made available in the US, which range from hostels, motels, campsites and even high end luxurious palaces. There are accommodation options available for stay for two people at the cost of $40-$ 80 per night in a budget hotel. Further, the cost of a budget friendly meal for an individual per meal can range from $5-$10.

If you are travelling with family, and have more money to spend then you can use the limo service and enjoy going for sight-seeing in a comfortable and stylish manner. You can travel on a relatively low budget also in the US and according to what suits your taste.

Transport Service

The car service made available for people for travel in the USA is also budget-friendly. People can opt for car rentals and pay about $200 for a week for two people. There are high end luxury vehicles also available. The cost of high-end limo service is about $350-$500 per week. You can hire the limo service only for the time period you require and save a lot of your money.

How to Save Money

You can save a lot of your money while going for sight-seeing by making use of sight-seeing passes and see a lot of attractions. The car service in USA is very reliable and made available at affordable rates. The limo service is provided by the skilled chauffeurs and all through the day. There are many established and distinguished companies that offer these reliable car services and would take you anywhere you wish to.

You can enjoy an awesome trip to USA and for that it is important that you calculate the major costs and even cost of travel and visa. Proper planning would help you enjoy your holiday and save lots of unwanted costs.

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