Free informative Tips to Make You’re Travelling Towards India More Memorable


Worthy words for being safe, healthy and wealthy during your trip to India

No matter where do you live or what you do for the living, everyone wants a break from formula life to regain their energy and refreshing themselves. People have different nature and like where few like to spend time with family there many likes to travel towards different destinations and countries.

India is one of the most lovable places all over the world for tourists with lots of mesmerizing places and destinations which are worth to visit. This most populated country has so many amazing things which surely would keep your heart for a long time.

Unseen places, people of different religion, languages, school of thoughts, different foods and atmosphere could be the adventure but is that safe? I mean if you are the beginner or travelling first time out of your country there are a lot of things which you should keep in mind and be careful about.

It could be huge but no need to be worried, this to do and not to do list makes you comfortable throughout your trip. Following are few important tips which could save you from all incidents and stress.

Suitable clothes for your trip

Well, let’s start with the packing. A trip to India is not like a couple of day’s thing, obviously, it should take a couple of weeks or a month. Be careful about all those things which you are about to carry. India is one of those countries who is blessed with four kinds of weather.

Pack your clothes according to weather. India is so hot in summer while in monsoon there is a lot of rain in few areas of the south side and Mumbai. It is recommended that avoid taking huge mess with you or hire a good cargo service for excess baggage shipping to India.

Things you should carry with yourself

It is not like if you need anything there in India you can’t find it easily, but for your ease, it is good to get a few things along with yourself. Hand carry or shoulder bag, surely you are not going to drag your suitcase on every.

It is good if you carry a map of destination along with you, though it is modern age and everyone has smartphones but still there is a slight chance of low coverage or any other service issues. So in order to avoid the bad time, it is good to have a map in your hand carry or shoulder bag. A first aid box is the most important thing you should have in your bag.

Reservation in a good hotel

There are two main things you should keep in mind while visiting India, you have two types of residence there in India. First one is like international standard hotels which surely would be a bit expensive while the second option is cheap or low price hostels and guesthouses.
Though saving money is a good thing but here, one wrong decision of yours could ruin your whole vacations. Before reserving your room in any guest house or hotel read customers reviews and rating of the hotel. It would help you to know the actual condition of that place along with its services.

One more important thing you should keep in mind is to try to stay somewhere near to the famous local spot. It could help you a lot while hiring local transport.

Be reserve, stay safe

Making new friends and having a party with them could be your hobby or maybe it is just your courtesy which could drag you to some big disaster. Either it is your first time in India or you visit India every year, for your safety it is suggested that you should not believe everything you listen to.

Though Indians are friendly and always try to help you but it doesn’t mean that they are your friends and it is safe to trust them, try to maintain a reasonable space with stranger’s especially female tourists. Your small frankness could deliver a wrong message to the person on the other side and you could fall into a hectic situation.

Do not carry heavy cash or big amount with yourself. Do not wear expensive watches and jewelry especially in the evening and at night if you are hanging out somewhere. Use lesser expensive cell phone as there r few cities in which the rate of street crime is a bit high.

What to and what not to eat in India?

You are in India and not going to taste Indian foods seems like you spoil half of your trip. India is known all across the world for its tasty food. There is a big list of Indian food which you should try in your adventures tour but remember one thing, almost all Indians are fond of the spicy food.

So, no matter you are dinning in any well-known restaurant or trying desi street food, order a small amount first. If you like it then go with it but still do not eat too much. As Indian spices always work even they are in a small amount in any food item.

If you are planning to eat something from outside of your hotel go with the big name. Always select a famous and well-known spot for what you like and want to eat. There is a lesser chance of unhygienic food.

Problems you could face during your travel to India

Squat toilets with no toilet papers, clean water to drink, mosquitoes, excess charges and fares, low internet speed, electricity breakdown and uncomfortable local transportation are few problems you could face during your trip.

You could deal with them easily as there is always a solution to every problem. You should keep toilet papers along with yourself and if you are not comfortable with squat toilets ask your hotel or guest house to give you some other room with reasonable toilet.
For contaminated water, it is best to take your filtered water bottle with you wherever you are going. Use a good mosquito net as dengue is one of the common diseases nowadays in India.

Keep your power bank charged for your cell phone as you could face load shedding problem there. While for excess charges and fares it is suggested to hire a local guide for your trip with good communication skills. It could help you a lot in your whole trip, a few extra bucks for local guide could save your hundreds or maybe thousands.

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