Traveling on a Scooter Is Possible, why not?

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What do I get? It is the eternal question of the traveling rider. It all depends on whether you are going to make a long or short trip but, in any case, you will have to be very practical and organized because the load capacity is reduced. There is an ample supply of suitcases and special bags to carry in motorcycle: here you have a special report on suitcases and bags to carry your luggage in motorcycle.

Good weather encourages many motorcyclists to travel by motorcycle. Even if it is hot months if you program your route or ride a motorcycle in the coolest hours of the day, you can enjoy your bike as well. Here are some tips for preparing a motorcycle trip.

To make the information as practical as possible, we asked some of the motorcycle expert. Who better to advise us what things cannot be missing in the suitcases and of which we can do without.
Traveling by motorcycle does not have to be an exclusive practice reserved for large GT-style or maxitrail motorcycles. From the first purely urban scooters to the most modern and powerful megascooter there is a wide range of possibilities for those who decide to put the road in between and enjoy their daily scooter on medium and long distance trips.

Can you travel on a scooter?

This question is very common in forums dedicated to this type of motorcycle. The answer is yes, and it is not a theoretical answer, it is backed by the experience of many people in the world who do it quite naturally. A scooter offers many advantages to the ‘accidental traveler’, its low center of gravity makes them especially manageable and easy to drive, its fairing protects us from the inclemencies, usually has ample holes to store packages and if we equip it properly we can ‘carry the house piggyback’.

The manufacturers have been evolving over the years, from those Vespa, Lambretta, Heinkel or Zundapp, derive the current maxiscooter, which can already be said to be the most widespread typology in Europe.

Before starting the trip in scooter

It is important to pay close attention to the correct maintenance of the vehicle. Check the condition of the tires bearing in mind that they wear fast when they are many miles by highway. If you leave with worn tires you may run out of them halfway. Check levels, brake pads and transmission belt: it is important that it is new enough for the mileage we plan to ride.

We must not forget to raise the tire pressures and harden the damping to compensate for the weight gain that the scooter will suffer. Another section to take into account is the correct placement of luggage. The scooters usually provide a spacious cargo hold under the seat, a place that offers greater protection against the inclement weather, bearing in mind that it is usually heated given the proximity of the engine. In the central tunnel we can carry an over-tunnel bag Where we will take the things that we need to have at hand. The rear trunk is an almost essential accessory for a traveling scooter.

If we are going to carry more luggage, we can extend the carrying capacity with a saddle bag or side bags that will be suspended from the back seat. See accessories for luggage. Manufacturers generally do not provide scooters with hooks to hold an elastic net (better known as an octopus), so we have to figure it out if we want to hold some of the luggage with one of them. It is fundamental to do a previous general rehearsal, not to have to improvise and waste time when the ‘time of truth’ arrives.

The type of trip to do is also important

If you plan to go camping you have to keep in mind that you have to carry more weight and volume. The camping has the advantage of admitting improvisation, it is rare not to find a place in a campsite, but if we spend the night in another type of accommodation, planning is important, and we must be aware of reservations, etc. That is also part of the charm of the trip.

What number of scooters can travel together?

Of course, the easiest thing is to travel with only one motorcycle and so you plan your stops, places to visit and how much time to dedicate to each visit. With two bikes, the journey becomes more enjoyable, you feel more protected and if there is affinity, it does not complicate much the decision-making. A larger group presents more inconveniences, although this is an opinion, not a dogma. I have traveled both alone and in a group and the experience I have is that the ideal is not to pass three bikes (from 4 to 6 people), but it can be chaotic.

Never miss to carry

Travel is amusement more than fun. That bring refreshment after getting bore workload in our busy life. No one want to miss to make memorable trip or passing time unwisely. Take your smartphone to read, play game while you are spending lazy time. A GPS smartwatch also a good device that could record your trip route. To shoot a memorable thing, keep a good camera with you. A good alternative is now available, afoldable mini selfie drone.That easily get into a pocket or inside the backpack. A best selfie drone will record a video while you are ride on scooter.

Can a scooter and a motorcycle travel together?

It may be possible, as long as the idiosyncrasies of each vehicle are respected. The bike is usually faster, so it will not be a bad idea to leave you stretches of “relief” so you do not get bored. In addition, with the scooter do not try to become the brave and throw like a desperate to try to keep pace higher than the convenient. It is enough to establish a meeting point. Also applicable to a scooter of different cylinder capacity and benefits that travel in a group.

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