What to Expect on a Tiger Safari in India – A Travel Guide

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Tiger Safari in India

Tiger sighting is always a thrill, and to spot a Tiger in the Jungle is gratification of that thrill. Sighting a Tiger, 100 years ago was not a great deal, they were easily spotted by common people without visiting a jungle, how fortunate were they! In today’s time even if you want to Tiger safari in India then go to Jungles/National parks, it is not sure that we would be able to spot the desired animals.

So if you are planning to go on a jungle ride with your friends for Tiger sighting, so here are some cautious tips of the Do’s and Don’ts for the Tiger Safari in India, let’s give a glance at it.

A thrill Safari with groups

If you are planning a wildlife trip to Jungle, but there’s no one to give you the company then a better plan when your group is free. Jungle Safaris in India can only prove a thrill when you are with your group in the jeep because it comes boredom sitting alone in a safari watching moving trees and bushes as sighting any animal is a luck by chance.

Fortune safaris: jungle, not a zoo

Jungles or National Parks are not a zoo where animals sit in the entrance and wait for your arrival. These are Jungles where animals are camouflaged in the thick bushes or big trunked trees. Spotting any animal is not guaranteed, it is largely a stroke of luck of the tourists. Tiger sightings have no certainty, sometimes it may disappoint you.

Administer your Expectations

Tiger, Leopards, and Lions are very hard to spot and are animals of Stealth. So before planning a jungle safari in India, you need to train your mind and expectations to be in limit, as it might disappoint you for sighting your desired animal. Going into a wild may sooth your eyes with the multicolored birds, sceneries, natural surroundings and wildlife, so there are many attractions to enjoy other than spotting a Tiger.

Should carry an ID card!

What to Expect on a Tiger Safari in India - A Travel Guide

It is advisable to carry an ID proof of yourself, as many National parks at their entrance ask for ID card ongoing for the wildlife safaris. Or you can take proper information from your hotel lodge before preparing for Tiger safari in India. Not every Park asks your ID, for a safer side it is good to carry.

Widen your interest: More to the Jungle than a Tiger

What to Expect on a Tiger Safari in India - A Travel Guide

It is possible that you may get a chance to spot a tiger without much struggle, if not then, there is nothing like to get disappointed as jungle have much other attractions like running and shy Deers, multicolored chirping birds or nine color bird known Indian Pita, monitor lizards, wild dogs, wild insects on trees, bears, beautiful and the list goes on and on. Make yourself happy by widen your interests and enjoy the woods.

Indian jungle are not African Jungles

Africa’s Jungle is not dense like Indian ones. So don’t fall prey of comparison, as Africa Congo Forest or many others have very light bushes from which it is very easy to sight animals. On the other hand, India’s forest has very Dense trees and thick undergrowth and reason for animal camouflage. That’s why it goes rare to spot animals and it becomes a matter of luck.

Summers the best time for Animal Sightings

What to Expect on a Tiger Safari in India - A Travel Guide

Summers could prove the best time for a Tiger safari in India because Indian summers are very hot which leads to drying up of greenery and short bushes and it makes a chance to spot a tiger. Also during summers, the number of tourists goes down which makes Jungle less noisy and jungle natives become more carefree to make a move towards empty roads.

There is one more thing to note before planning a trip to the Jungles of India i.e during Monsoon many National Parks and Sanctuaries are closed so pre-bookings are to be always preferred. Although summers are very hot but still for Tiger Sight, plan your trip in summers and book an air-conditioner resort for saving yourself from scorching hot.

Follow the Park rules

What to Expect on a Tiger Safari in India - A Travel Guide

It is indispensable task to follow the park rules, which can save you from any danger. Like walking into the wild is prohibited or getting off from the jeeps or canters may prove dangerous to you. Lighting a cigarette or carrying any type of fire device into the jungle is an offense. Being careful about many little things in your adventurous Jungle visit and frequent conversation with your Guide would help you in a proper understanding of jungle’s rules and would surely quench your thirst for curiosity for the Jungle.

Book a Jeep Safari not a Canter

For spotting a Tiger, the best safari is Jeep safari, not to book a canter would be a wise decision. As canter is a big Vehicle carrying a good number of people, as more the people would be more the noisy it becomes and noise can prove a hurdle in tiger Sighting that’s why personal Jeep safaris are more favored for the Jungle trip. Although, Jeep safaris may cost you more than a canter but who knows if it makes your expectation possible.

Flaunt yours in the color of the Jungle

What to Expect on a Tiger Safari in India - A Travel Guide

It is not possible to have clothes like people who work in the park but it is strictly prohibited to flaunt yourself in bright shining pieces of fabric. Wearing simple jungle blend colors would be the best way to make a trip safe. And kindly say no to strong Perfumes.

Dust could be an Issue for collecting memories

It is more obvious that forest trekking roads are full of dust, that could prevent you from taking pictures in your SLR’s. So make sure to carry a camera cover and a cleaning material.

Enjoy Fresh Air

Fresh air of the fresh forest could become a blessing for those who live in a big metropolitan polluted cities. So grab the life-saving air as much as you can and enjoy the eye-soothing greenery of the Earth.

Many of us might already know the above mentioned detailed expectations, this article is for those who actually need to prepare themselves for a safe Jungle safari ride in India. So don’t limit your interests and expectations, just have fun with your group and get the best experience of your beautiful tiger safari in India.

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