Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

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Road Trips

Road tripping culture is getting more and more famous in India. Road trips are exciting and fun. And, if you are planning them on scenic routes with tourist attractions on the way, you are in for an extremely amazing experience. The weekend is inching near. So, check out the best road trip ideas from Bangalore and make it happening!


Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

Located at a mere 96 KM stretch from Bangalore is the lush green town of Sangam. The road is scenic, and you will take somewhere in between 2.30 hours to 3 hours to reach the destination. Once you come out of the city, you are welcomed by the coconut trees that the region of Kanakpura abounds in. Don’t forget to enjoy a refreshing green coconut water break. If you are leaving early in the morning, this is the best tonic and morning drink you can give to your stomach.

The road ahead offers opportunities for mountain climbing as many large boulders are lying on the roadsides. You can also enjoy a nice break with your friends or family here. The winding roads will also lead to the confluence of River Akravarthi and River Kaveri. Enjoy a nice weekend at Sangam while exploring the abundant nature all around. Don’t worry over the budget accommodations, as you can make use of deals and offers such as MMT Coupon Code that is readily available at all times.

Shivanasamudram Falls

Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

Witness the might of beautiful nature at Shivanasamudram Falls where powerful jets of milky-white water crash into the river below. The waterfalls can be witnessed in clarity by standing on a viewing deck located on the opposite side. The scenic beauty of the region is splendid, and you will find it hard to leave the place. The Shivanasamudram Falls is located around 140 KM from Bangalore and are a perfect destination for an amazing road trip.

With the monsoons just finished, the water levels will be high, and greenery all around will be scintillating.

Savandurga Hill

Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

Another amazing destination near Bangalore for a road trips are Savandurga Hill. Standing tall and mighty as one of the largest monoliths of India, the Savandurga Hill is also a popular destination for trekking. You can find many other fellow travellers trailing the hill and reaching the summit. The region is beautiful, and the road trip spans just 50 KM. So, it is perfect for the families with kids as the distance is short and the destination is lovely.

You can also explore the old fort as a part of your excursion and make the most of this experience.


Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

Enjoy the refreshing beauty of Sakleshpur this weekend where the roads are beautiful, and full of natural views. A road trip from Bangalore to Sakleshpur is perfect if you are planning to spend the weekend there. Explore the local area and visit popular landmarks. The place itself is located around 260 KM from Bangalore and forms a five-hour drive. Plan your stay at some impressive accommodation that offers nature views.

Nandi Hills

Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

Venture into the world of lush green Nandi Hills that are a mere 70 KM from Bangalore. Offering a perfect refuge from the humdrum of city life, Nandi Hills are home to some of the most exotic plants and animals. You can also plan the road trip on a bike and witness the scenic splendour while feeling the fresh air in your every breath.

If you are an adventurer, you can also enjoy paragliding over the scenic hills and make the most of this weekend. Other attractions in the region are Tipu’s Drop, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Residence, Amrita Sarovar and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. You can also enjoy delightful cycling tours here.


Best Road Trips from Bangalore That You Can Enjoy This Weekend

Offering the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is one of the best tourist spots to spend an amazing weekend. The road trip from Bangalore to Wayanad is just 270 KM and spans over roughly six hours. You can plan your journey from Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary and witness the wildlife in its habitat. Wayanad is home to many tourist attractions such as Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls, Chembra Peak, Kuruva Islands, Phantom Rock, and Tholpetty.

To make the most of this road trips, plan your stay at some nature resort that offers in-house spa and wellness centre. Many nature resorts offer holiday packages and trips to nearby tribal areas. To keep things in the budget, don’t forget to use MMT offers. Wayanad is a place that is best enjoyed with a relaxing stay at some nature resort and adventure sports. So, don’t skip that!

Some other notable mentions are:

  • Bheemeshwari
  • Pondicherry
  • Manchinbele
  • Anthargange

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get; set & GO!!!

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