Rose Parker, a friend of mine has recently returned from her Bhutan trip for which she booked one of the best Bhutantravel agencies.

She was seemed to be quite satisfied with the agency which she hired and enjoyed her vacation to the fullest.

Her trip there was a complete bliss!


Naturally, I was inquisitive of the fact that what she loved about the travel agency because I was also on a quest for the prospective travel agents for my trip to the same destination.

So, I visited her place and inquired about the people.
She looked overwhelmed with their way of working and shared some of their traits with me.
After hearing all the qualities, I got convinced and booked that particular agency.
And guess what? Emily was totally correct!
That agency was simply awesome.

I am imagining if I didn’t take their service and choose any random agencythen my trip for sure was going to be a disaster.

With this write-up, I am going to share the traits of the travel agency which I liked the most, and these are:

1.Highly Formulated

They are multitasker!

Although they have to receive multiple calls of the people on a daily basis, arranging flights, booking hotel rooms,etc. but they perform each and everything without any flaws.
As per my experience, they are well organized from sending tickets to arranging the accommodation everything was on time.

This thing is really commendable.


2.Great Communication Skills

They have a good influencing capability.
Within a single calling session, I get the clear picture of what exactly my trip is going to be.
They explained every single detail of the package with so much of ease and answered all my queries with patience.
After ending the call, I had no apprehensions related to the trip.

3.Knowledgeable Travel Agents

The travel agents are well informed.
They are in sync with the latest developments that are taking place in the tourism industry and give me the valuable advice for which package fits with my requirement.


The best part is that the package which they offered is under the budget.
No additional cost in the name of taxation and made me avail special discount on online booking.
Needless to mention that within the entire stay at Bhutan, I didn’t feel any discomfort.
They provide me the qualitative service for the best value.


5.Highly Comprehensive

They believe in quality over the quantity.
They are not manipulative and not money-minded at all, but their main aim was to make the trip for the person filled with fun and excitement that they can cherish for a lifetime.


So, that is what I exactly think for that travel agency.
If you are planning a trip to Bhutan or any other destination, then you must do a deep research on the travel agency before finalizing.

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