List of the Best Cycling Routes in New York

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Cycling is the best way of exploring New York. There are so many Citi Bike depots which let cyclers pick up and drop off bicycles in several spots. Additionally, there are many options of linking different rides.

Leading bicycle routes for exploring New York

1. Hudson river Greenway

This is a smooth path that lines from Battery Park Town to George Washington overpass. It can sometimes become jammed with people walking and jogging by cruise ships and Intrepid in Midtown however it sails smoothly via Chelsea. To encounter maximum fun during summers, riders are advised to break off early on Fridays in order to avoid overcrowding during the weekend.

Hudson River route ride gives amazing views and riders can even go to a small red lighthouse near the GWB. If you want to fuel the bicycle, you can do so at Dinosaur Bar B Que along 125th Street. To get the real adventure, cyclers should cycle up to Inwood and take a few medieval tapestries and plein-air ecstasy at the Cloisters as they rest.

2. Governors Island

There are no cars at Governors Island thus making it the leading cycling region. The bicycle curve however does not go throughout the entire island but it can take riders to tree-lined paths, ancient army camps and impressive castles and by the beautiful bottom Manhattan scenery and the New York Harbor.

The free Governors Island boats and East River ship harbour bicycles but cyclers may also hire tandem and single bicycles from shops within the Island. A one hour free rental is also available on Monday holidays.

3. Bronx River

This paved route is located beside Bronx River highway, from the north border of the region to Westchester. If a rider wants to evade a bad trip to the routes when not arriving from Bronx, he should take Metro-North to West Mount Vernon. At Grand Central, riders can buy a five dollars bicycle.

The passage starts from Oak Avenue at Mount Vernon where riders can cycle via exuberant landscape below viaducts and close to a riverbank. It moves in 3 sections:

  • 1 mile curve close to Mt Vernon
  • 3.6 miles section from Bronxville to Scarsdale
  • Five miles section from Hartsdale to Valhalla at Kensico Dam Plaza

Irregular stations at the Metro-North line the route incase riders want to leave suburbia quickly.

4. Pulaski to Williamsburg overpass

This path takes riders to a breathtaking North Brooklyn journey starting from Island region to the Low Eastern region. You can go from commercial Manhattan Avenue to the residential Noble Street. Riders can also cycle from Lorimer to McCarren Park for a fast curve before turning to Driggs Avenue. Alternately, riders can avoid the park and use Kent Avenue route. Whichever path chosen, riders will have the Manhattan skyline stellar view, a double bridge exercise and a pit-stop at the closet they rent to keep extra tires.


5. Central Park

This park has both flat and hilly terrains making it more fun for riders. The main roads provide a 6-mile loop that gets closed during holidays, weekends and during certain hours on week days.

Riders enjoy seeing carriages that are drawn by horses and several other beautiful things. If you reside within the city, it is easy to go there and return home.

You can begin at any section of the park and this makes the loop convenient for riders coming from any direction.


Those are the best bike routes for exploring the best parks, beaches, gardens and many other wonderful New York features.

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