How to handle with angry people when you are on Road!

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Roads are filled with idiots! The one liner from CEAT tells it all that how irritating and dangerous road trips can get. Have you ever experienced a situation where some dude in a car honks tirelessly asking for pass, in a jam-packed road?

Or situations when the thrill bikers (read as fools), challenge you for a race? Or the times when they zoom past your vehicle from the wrong side, leaving you prone to accidents?

Well, if you are a frequent biker then you must have seen dozens of incidents as mentioned above. However, everyone cannot be lucky all the time. Incidents of road rage, drunk driving and over-speeding cause so many deaths every year.

However, if you are careful and approach to problems with certain tact then the repercussions associated with them can be contained.

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Here are some of the common threats that you face on the streets and here are some ways of how you can avoid shitty people on the streets.

1. Don’t be a Honker


We all come across honky-wonky dudes who are always in a hurry, no matter what. In that course they not only create noise pollution but also create problems for others. If you are one of this, then please stop this habit of unnecessarily honking.

If you see someone doing this ask them very politely not to do this. However, if that person has an extra layer of shit and argues back, apologize (and abuse in your mind) and carry forward. There is no need to answer back if his response is aggressive.

2. You Live only Once


Yes, I know YOLO has a complete different context. But this statement also has a different connotation. Yes, You Live Only Once, so don’t waste your life on useless races. By doing this, you not only put yourself to risk but also be a potential risk to others.

If you find some other biker vrooming on the road, intimidating you to participate. Slow down, call him names (in your mind) and go slow.

3. Take help of Authorities when needed


There can be a lot of situations where you cannot do a lot. Not because you are incapable, but because you are a law-abiding citizen (are you? I’m sure you pay your taxes on time!)

If you find someone following you on the street, which might be a potential danger, report to the authorities. Stop near a police check-post and ask for help. Having said that don’t suspect everyone.

If you see someone following you, slow down and see how that person reacts. Do this for a couple of times and if this doesn’t stop, approach the concerned authorities.

4. Don’t come out of your car!


I repeat don’t. If you encounter an angry rider approaching towards you with a base bat, its not wise to come out of the vehicle. Call the authorities and stay calm.


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