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Vrindavan is a small town in Mathura of Uttar Pradesh. This site has a very strong link with Hindu mythologies, especially that of Lord Vishnu. Vrindavan is famous for its large collection of temples. Temples are the best places to watch unique rituals and take part in cultural activities. You can also try many delicacies that are served to the visitors on special occasions. Remember to follow the rules and not to disgrace their customs or traditions in any way. People of Vrindavan are very close to their culture and religion. Dress modestly as it is a religious town. This rule goes for both the genders. People of all religion and creed are allowed to visit the temples of this region.

Are you looking for a cultural vacation with unique experiences? This is the best place to visit. Do not forget to pack your cameras.


As mythology goes, Lord Krishna spent his childhood in Vrindavan and in the regions around it. According to legends, Vallabhacharya visit Vrindavan and stayed there for four months every year to preach Bhagavad Gita. During this reign, the popularity of this region flourish. Even Mera Bhai stayed in Vrindavan for a major part of her life. Later, it was forgotten up to 16th century and was rekindled by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who was on a voyage of tracing the holy places that are linked with Lord Vishnu. In the last 250 years, the town has transformed from an extensive forest region to apartment jungle. Still, the land has managed to keep up its bond with the mythological past.


Temples are the first set of attractions in the town. You can spot many modern and traditional temples like

  • Sri RadhaMadanaMohana temple
  • Govind Dev temple
  • Sri RadhaDamodhar temple
  • Sri RadhaRamana temple
  • Sri RadhaVallabh temple
  • Sri Katyayani temple
  • ISKCON Vrindavan
  • Love temple
  • Shah ji temple
  • Jagannath temple

Apart from these, there are numerous temples and religious sites in and around the town.

How to reach?

The nearest railway station to Vrindavan is located in Mathura. Mathura is just ten km away from the city. You can find frequent buses to Mathura from major cities in the country. Vrindavan is well connected via roads.

Delhi has the nearest international airport to Vrindavan. Delhi connects India with numerous international destinations and all the major cities in the country are connected with Delhi via airways, roadways and railways.

Best time to visit

Vrindavan is a famous pilgrimage site. It is best visited during any festival related to Lord Vishnu like Diwali, Rama Navami, Krishna Jayanthi and others. When it comes to climatic conditions, winter is the best time to visit the place.

If you are visiting any temple, it is best to visit during early morning to enjoy rituals and events in the temple. Temples are not open throughout the day. Learn about the opening and closing times in the afternoon and in the evening before you plan your trip.

If you are looking for cultural attraction, visit during February/ March to attend the Brahmotsava festival. It takes place for ten days and you can enjoy cultural performances, wooden temple car processions, unique rituals, special delicacies and much more.

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