Water Activities at Karaikal Beach

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Karaikal beach being one of the popular beaches among the tourist and locals is a place to enjoy adventure water sports or just seeing the beautiful sunrise and sunset views by sitting near the shore. If you are planning to visit Pondicherry then this beach should be definitely on your list and thing to remember is Pre book your  hotels online to find best hotels at cheap price and enjoy hassle free tour.

The to-do list at Karaikal beach is never ending and includes activities like kayaking, boating and canoeing etc. Kayaking being an adventure sport takes you on an off beaten path, except that in kayaking, your adventure is on the sea/river.

Paddling through amazing seaweeds, exploring offshore views, and travelling through canopied waterways makes kayaking a truly an exciting adventure sports that makes it a must try at this beach. Canoeing is just like exercising in the fresh air and over the sea just to make you feel good about yourself and to remove your stress. If you haven’t yet tried kayaking or canoeing, then Pondicherry is just the place for you to experience these activities. The degree of thrill in these activities depends on the roughness of water and the rapids. In Pondicherry, you will find both options, as there are places with perfectly calm waters, and then there are waters that are extremely difficult and challenging.

At Karaikal, prepare to be amazed. This is one of the most popular destinations in Pondicherry where you can go parasailing. Get lifted into the air as you are towed away by a motorboat. Attached with an open parachute, and you feel like the ride on the winds. Meet seagulls around you in the sky as you parasail over the coastline of Pondicherry. With the wind in your hair, this is probably one of the exhilarating experiences you can feel!

Riding a banana-boat during your stay could be a great idea. A banana-boat can take a ride for three to ten people at the same time, depending on the boat’s size. Head to the Karaikal Beach for all such fun activities. Banana-boat rides is a great adventure ride crewed by experts. Mount on an inflatable banana-boat and set out on the waters of Pondicherry. The Boating Club at the Arasalar River includes motorboats, rowboats, paddle boats etc. One can take a boat out into the scenic backwaters and enjoy.

Swimming is another popular activity at Karaikal beach that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experts. You can just relax under the sun and try all of your best swimming strokes. Swimming at this beach will be a great experience.

However, if you are not into adventure activities, you can play beach volleyball here. Embark on the beach walk, feel the admirable views of the place. A Tennis Court and a Children’s Park with adventurous rides, several food outlets can be found near the beach. Even you can just sit and enjoy with abundant natural scenery and best sunrise and sunset views. Thus, with a host of activities to enjoy one can easily spend a whole day here.

Get ready for water experiences!

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