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Marriage, a new beginning of a new life where two people start a new journey promising each other to always be side by side and never giving up, no matter what. Honeymoon is the sole time where they both get to know each other even better in all aspects, the understanding happens, the knowing one another thoroughly happens.Talking about romantic destination it’s not just a vacation for couples but a quality time with one another, where you celebrate the new bond which just has been created. And it does require the essence and the purity of the environment as well which also kinds a help you enjoy your relationship.

India being the entity of love where love is defined by making monuments by stories of heer ranjha of Punjab by sweet languages and of course different types of cuisine one cannot resist falling in love in this place. India is all about love and the tradition, diverse culture make us more grateful for being a part of it.

Simply a line which will make more sense of course that is why going outside when you have such beauty inside.


These following places will surely make you fall in love with the place and also with your loved ones even more as it defines love in all aspects.

1. Goa


A place with the most enjoyable beach essence and surely a prized beach romantic destination in this country, one will surely not get bore but will enjoy every moment staying there. It is one of the most romantic place. It also is famous for wildlife sanctuaries and nature of course.

2. Andaman island

Andaman island

couples who are really fond of beaches and water all around them and find it really attractive can surely visit this place as it will make you move, it will make you all romantic, sitting at the beach watching the sky at evening time and taking the full advantage of that place. The water is so shiny and clean that no one can ignore such beauty.

3. Alleppey


This place provides peace and is all about the beauty of nature. It is perfect for honeymooners as hiring a houseboat and floating in it seeing the view, enjoying the nature, spending the special moments. The perfect picture how a honeymoon should be like.

4. Agra


This place is all known because of love. The eternal monument Taj Mahal was build in here and is an entity of love. The place itself calls for love and asks you to fall in one. The best destination with best resorts and luxurious hotel, One will experience an amazing, romantic vacation with the dear ones.

5. Udaipur


Udaipur is known as the city of lakes, one of the most peaceful and Devine destination for love. The city is full of palaces, lakes and forts which will definitely give an essence of king and queen living there. The most famous and well known place to stay in is the lake palace and the jag niwas which is considered to be the most romantic hotel in this world.

6. Srinagar


We consider a romantic destination to be a place where there are mountains, rivers, beauty all around the nature and the cool breeze. Well, this place is definitely romantic as it has all which needs to be there for a couple to live there moment. The mughal gardens, flower gardens and the dal lake is all that enhances the beauty of the place.

7. Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is a place with the most acceptable and favorable climate. An amazing climate which will make peoples mood automatically. It’s a hilly area so the view from there is amazing and one can just do nothing and can spend an entire day just sitting there.

8. Darjeeling


This place is known as the tea capital of India. It is considered as the perfect destination for newlyweds as the place calls for love and gives adequate amount of sites to enjoy and relax at the same time.

9. Dalhousie


It is located in the hilly area of himachal Pradesh. The view, the weather, the breeze everything is so perfect for the newlyweds. One will definitely fall in love with the place.

10. Kovalam


Couples who are fond of beaches should definitely visit this place for their honeymoon. As this place provides a view of the Arabian sea. The lighthouse beach and eve’s beach are the most famous beaches where you can spend time with your loved ones.

11. Pondicherry


This place is considered to be one of the romantic one for the serene beachfronts and waterfronts promenades. And there are some amazing looking resorts and hotels that are just perfect for couples to enjoy their own personal space.



Nainital is the most popular and famous place because of the luxurious resorts and the views all around. Naini Lake brings out the beauty and is considered to provide a romantic aura.

13. Ooty


This place is all about the beauty of the nature around. The gardens, mountains, lakes and several amazing peaks that makes it a romantic destination.

14. Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep is located in the coast of Kerala and is an union territory of India. It is famous and is romantic for the sparkling beaches and serene shores. It is considered to be perfect for newlyweds to visit and enjoy.

15. Shimla


Shimla is said to be the Switzerland of the country India. An amazing place with beautiful surrounding and views. This is indeed one of the best place to visit for honeymoon.

16. Manali


Want an adventurous honeymoon with all fun of trekking, skiing then this place is just perfect for such couples. The cool weather, the adventurous sports and the peaceful area all makes it attractive and romantic at the same time.

These are some of the most romantic destination in India which will surely not disappoint you and will give immense pleasure and peace. So, without wasting any more time just book your sits for an amazing tour to India.

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