How to experience the best of Brussels in summer?


Summer season is approaching fastand you’re probably planning vacations to beat the heat without missing the charm of the city life. If that’s so, Belgium is just the destination for you with its capital Brussels having plenty of options to cool off when the temperature soars sky-high.

From outdoor food events, rooftop parties and luminous terraces, here’s how to enjoy Brussels in all its sunshine. And the best part is, qualifying the St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment programme gives you visa-free access to this charming destination so don’t miss the opportunity!

Dipping in the city

When mercury bubbles up and the thought of azure swimming pool drifts in the mind, the best option is the rooftop bar of the Jam Hotel. Pool service completes withgratifying bartenders serving cool gins and tonics as a full skincare solution. Make the most of this elegant service with yoga lessons for ultimate relaxation of the body and soul!

It’s trendy at the Square

The Saint-Géry Square is an absolute crowd-pleaser with plenty of options to choose between the shady and sunny spots. Quench that thirst with a refreshing glass of fresh fruit juice or a mug full of beer. While you’re here, don’t miss the stunning neo-renaissance style Halles Saint-Gérybuilding drenched in history which now features a super café and hosts various concerts and exhibitions.

Local’s preferred

The moment your temperature soars, go for an iced latte made from grapefruit juice and tonic water or refreshing local beer. Chez Franz is among the liveliest cafes in Brussels where locals are rewarded with calm atmosphere, dig scrumptious brunches and dance along the jazz tunes.

Dwarfing the shiny Ixelles Ponds and the Place Eugene Flagey is the capital’s largest terraces named Café Belga. The many tables and enthusiastic loungers find the place most charming when the sun burning with all the rage.

During the weekends, a fair springs up selling almost everything from simplest bed sheets to sparkly trinkets as well as fresh food options such as rotisserie chicken, oysters, fruits and vegetables. The iconic Frit Flagey is right adjacent selling traditional fast food and amazing fries.

The terrace memorabilia

Brussels is also home to amazing terraces and roof gardens peppered across the capital and rather perfect for warm summers. Halt for soothing lemonade or huge portion of the brunch on leafy terrace ofLa Fabrique en Ville while watching the locals stroll by. Right next to the high-end and chic shopping district of Avenue Louise is the amazingly restored conservatory; a charming haven of sweet aromas and colourful blossoms.

For a mesmerising cityscape, Chelton Hotel is Brussels best offer you amazing vistas from its wood-decked rooftop terrace. Settle amidst the loungers and dig in the sun set over the horizon just as the capital shines luminously.

Feast as you move

Sauvages is where all the foodies in Brussels gather while making most of the greenery and fresh produces. This event springs up in the month of May and last till October on every Thursday giving you the chance to indulge in local delicacies. The event’s always hosted on different locations across the capital and you need to make the bookings in advance.


So why not go for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment programme and have the chance to visitBrussels being visa-free!

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