Do You Travel with Perfumes? You Must Read This Now!


Travelling is passion for some and daily routine work for some. Whichever be the case, you need to stay minty fresh so that your body odour does not shoo away anybody!

The hot and humid summer season is arriving. Soon, the scorching heat of the Sun will blaze upon all and it is on this context, a travel perfume becomes your trusted side-kick. However, there are some tricks of travelling safely with delicate items like perfume bottles.

Key Points and Essential Tips to follow:

Irrespective of gender, perfumes have become daily necessities for all. They are required not only for their delectable aromas but also to stay refreshed. Here comes a list for all perfume lovers to follow while they travel –

1. Wrap the Perfume

You need to protect your chosen fragrance while en route. Wrapping it up often helps in this process. You can wrap the perfume bottle in toilet paper or soft-padded tissue paper from head to toe and sidewise. Then secure the wrapping with an elastic rubber band setting it carefully within your bag zip. Set it within folds of cloth or handkerchiefs. Make sure it is tightly wrapped and wedged inside your travel bag. Also, use outer carton (if available) as that can reduce the chances of leakage due to temperature rise.

2. Choose one fragrance at a time

Many people love to pack more than one perfume bottle to suit their different moods while travelling. Sporting a multitude of scents can become risky. For vacations, choose scents which go well with the destination. Don’t apply two fragrances at a time as thatmay create mess & result in foul odour.

3. Buy a mini bottle

Travel perfumes come in few size options. You may be tempted to purchase a large bottle of your favourite brand. However, if you are going on a flight, a mini bottle like 30ml or vial of small 12 ml scents might be goodoption. These are travel-friendly and light carry-ons. Nowadays, some brands are offering perfumes in unbreakable pet bottle which are very light and hence, easy to carry. Go for the roll-on version

Travel perfumes are now available asinroll-onsformat also. Many famous brands cater such versions that fit easily in purses and kit bags. These are extremely useful for traveller’s convenience.

4. Preserve it to last

When you are on vacation, sightseeing becomes an obvious part. After some time, the fragrance will surely fade. In this case, travel perfumes come handy. If you want to hold on to the aroma, then spray it on bare skin first. Then, spray it on clothes and a bit on hair. Perfumes tend to stick to fabrics longer than on skin. Thus, the whole issue of losing your ‘scented essence’ diminishes easily!

“Your perfume is your scented slogan”!
Scent has great potentialities to heighten your personality. A perfume sends a message to people with whom you interact. Along withthe daily busy chores of work, the hustle of travelling becomes less daunting when you carry your favourite aroma bottled in your bag!

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