Tourism is all Set to Eradicate Unemployment in Spain


Tourism has brought down the GDP and increased 15% jobs in Spain. All the statistics show that Tourism in Spain can change the economic scenario of that country, which leads to the Unemployment due to it is the 3rd.most visited country in the world. Most economic plus points of tourism are the short stay of tourists in Spain. Climate plays an important role as mild climatic condition stays during the whole year. More than ten numbers of heritage cities along with very attractive night life, which drag the tourists from different countries. There are number of Island, among them Ibiza stands one of the famous As Spain, the best place to visit in Europe is a mountainous country, skiing is possible, which attract tourists. Spain is the 2ND.Largest country in the European Union. In Spain, Madrid is covered with Art Museum, among them best known is “Golden Triangle” of Art.

Considering all above and as Spain is the third visited country in the world and which bring huge potential of foreign earning for the country as well as huge rise in employment. Bercelona, a beautiful place in Spain, in the first half of 2016, welcomed 8million visitors for which Govt. imposed ‘tourist Tax’ on visitors, which is having an indirect effect on employment.

Unemployment scenario in Spain

Busy tourist season boost the scenario of unemployment of Spain. In recent times number of people holding the job is increasing rapidly. Political unrest in the Middle East, has helped to boost the Spain labour market. Recently Spanish unemployment has fallen 20% in summer tourism season. The booming tourism industry helped Spain to overcome jobless by almost 84,000.

In 2012, Spain bagged the 3rd.position in tourism ranking and 2nd. In terms of revenue collection. Tourism, on the other hand has a direct effect on the labour market. In the year 2012 employment was mostly in the tourism industry. Thus, it is very much clear that tourism industry plays a prominent role to uplift the bad condition of employment. It has also been seen that 11% of country’s economy’s are through Tourism by the year 2018 and this will set it as the best international destination.

Effect of tourism on unemployment

It has also been noticed that when the summer tourism season kicked off, unemployment dropped. The two tourism hotspot Catalonia and Bercelona, between April and June created a vast portion of employment nearly 152,700 salaried jobs were created in the tourism sector.

Lastly, it can be Said that unemployment fell lowest levels in the last month due to booming TOURISM Sector helped to reorganize the jobless by almost 84,000. Thus, tourism has played an important role in the improving unemployment statistics. Due to terrorism fears visitors are not going to Africa,Turkey but at the same time foreign tourists are gathering in Spain and it is up by 12% in first quarter of 2018.

Thus, tourism is emerging as a potential segment to create employment in Spain, which is very much desirable at the moment.

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