All You Need to Know About Jumeirah Golf Estate Dubai

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Offering 4 environmentally designed, 18-hole golf courses flanked by a number of magnificent real estate opportunities, world-class facilities, and outstanding services, Jumeirah Golf Estate has become the earth’s most esteemed residential golfing towns.

Master planned and made by Top Notch Golfers such as Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Peter and Vijay Singh; the 4 courses give honor to the 4 highly effective aspects of nature- Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Each and every course is skillfully made to provide its very own challenges by using the quality traits of its own area. Collectively, the 4 courses offer a golfing adventure which is at the same time fascinating, exciting and absolutely memorable.

Interacting with the challenges of water, earth, fire and the wind at Jumeirah Golf Estates is a different experience.


Cautiously made to utilize the plain beauty of the wilderness, the Fire course is available in a harmonious relationship with the surrounding panorama. The assorted range of cautiously chosen unique flora shows the overall concept and improves the ecosystem.

The particular tees are meticulously placed to give an assortment of time-span, height, and course and offer gamers an overwhelming variety of tactical play options.

With the traditional Mediterranean as well as Tuscan structural themes and materials such as brick, rough stone and stucco walls, the 7 residential pavements which are situated around the Fire course accentuate the elegance of this particular unique desert environment.


Influenced by the state of Florida and the Pacific Countries, the Water community has its focal point as a breathtaking waterfall encompassed by plentiful palm-fringed waterways and ponds and winding wetland locations which are meticulously placed to ensnare the unwary golf player.

A tremendous range of teeing options provides the golf players a variety of courses that are certainly as short as 6,000 meters to as long as 8,400 meters. The purposefully placed hazards, a few of which are usually water hazards allows shorter players a bit more room but problematic for longer hitters.


Having its creativity from the parkland courses of The United States and European countries, the Earth community features remarkable, swift-flowing water fountains which are interwoven among thick landscaped plants. The Mediterranean properties in the background give you the perfect scenery.

The all-natural geography of the Earth course gives an assortment of facets along with changing viewpoints from each and every tee while the trees and shrubs and sand traps help the player along the particular length of the course. The winding water fountains provide an ever-present situation to consider while lining up your next shot.


After the course of the astounding Arabian Canal, the Wind area fuses, rich, landscape designs and exceptional features with the best in waterside living.

Taking the game of golf back to its very start, the standard links-style Wind course makes use of the ability and the strength of the blowing wind. Snug fairways which are protected by rolling sand hills offer minimum space for mistake.

For People Who Wish to Golf and for People Who Don’t

Taking up a total property area of 2,119 hectares, the Jumeirah Golf Estate real estate advancement was made to be a self-sufficient golfing neighborhood. No longer is it necessary to load up your golfing items and trudge midway across the city for a good round of golf. As mentioned by Luxury Property LLC, in the Jumeirah Golf Estate real estate advancement 75% of all houses face the courses directly and those that don’t, face a variety of ponds and nature pieces.

Why Is A Golf Course Neighborhood in Dubai Becoming Very Popular?

With Dubai located on the worldwide map and having the main benefit of almost all year-round sunshine, there’s been an expansion in constructing golf course towns with approximately 6 Top notch courses all being as much as PGA standard.

Dubai features a strong expatriate employed pool who usually resided in the town high-rise condo blocks and are right now gripping the chance of moving out of the town and into these areas where it is more common having natural open areas and space for kids to play safely and securely. Residing in a golf course neighborhood outside of the town offers numerous advantages with significantly less pollution, less environmental noise as well as a good all-around sensation of residing in the countryside. Most of these areas offer direct health advantages with wide open parkland, bike tracks, tennis courts, and gyms.

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