Choosing the best travel credit card for 2017


In today’s world, credit cards are ubiquitous. People use credit cards to make payments for whatever they purchase. May it be a bag or a car, credit card can be used to buy them whenever you want. People in India love credit cards as they offer great benefits like annual fee waiver, store discounts, sign-up bonuses, etc.

One of the best things you can do using a credit card is travel. Travel credit cards are the ones that are tailored to meet all your travel needs and requirements. These cards offer an opportunity for you to earn points that you may redeem for hotel stays, airfare, etc. In order to attract more and more customers, the credit card companies join hands with top travel brands that allow the customers to enjoy amazing benefits, both from the travel company and the card issuer. These benefits include loyalty points, sign up bonuses or welcome gifts, special discounts, etc.

But there are so many travel credit cards available in the market today. All of them come with lucrative features. So how to pick the card that is best for you?

You need to understand that there cannot be a card that can be considered as the best. However, there can be a card that is best for you. Credit cards are tailored as per the needs of the customers. Not every other credit card is good for you. Figure out your spending habits before you choose a credit card. If you wish to travel often and pick up a cashback or shopping credit card, it might not turn out to be good call in the long run.

There are quite a few things that you must take a look at before choosing a travel credit card:

  • Substantially high sign-up bonus – The sign-up bonus that you get with your travel credit card is extremely important. Most of these card have a minimum spend criteria on them, post which you can enjoy the bonus. The sign-up bonuses will allow you to enjoy free flights in the future and get you in the groove of earning points.
  • Add-on category spending bonus – Travel credit cards generally offer 1 point for a specific amount that you spend using the card. Some of them allow you to earn extra points for shopping at selected merchants or brand. This can definitely accelerate the process of earning redeemable points for you.
  • Low minimum spending – Most travel credit cards add a minimum spend condition for enjoying the bonuses. The best way to meet that minimum spend limit is by purchasing things for daily needs. It is a great idea to go for a travel credit card that offers amazing perks and bonuses. But if that comes with a spend limit that is beyond your reach, it is advisable that you a pick a different card. Opting for an extremely rewarding card and failing to meet the minimum spend criteria will only end up in a no-win situation for you.
  • Annual fee – This is the part that most people dislike. Travel credit cards and co-branded credit cards come with high annual fees. If you travel often, paying a high annual fee makes sense. You will earn reward points quickly and redeem them for free flight tickets. However, if you are not a frequent flyer then it might not be a great idea to pick a card like that. Only a frequent traveller can use such a card to its optimal limit.

When you obtain a mastercard, does one search for the advantages it offers and synchronize it together with your requirements? If you’re not doing that, you’re not optimally utilising a mastercard. you need to apprehend that whereas most elementary credit cards provide multiple advantages like cashback, reward points, air miles and eating privileges, some credit cards contain exclusive advantages. These advantages area unit tailored for folks whose needs in one space area unit so much on top of in another – as an example, if you’re centered on savings, you’ll select a cashback-specific credit card; if you’re a frequent flyer you must decide on a travel credit card; and if you wish goodies, you must decide on an award mastercard.

Travellers have a spread of credit cards to settle on from – as a result of travel credit cards provide not solely further air miles and tie-ups with specific airlines, however conjointly discounts on edifice stays, eating and simple transactions in foreign countries. allow us to take a glance at the highest ten credit cards in Asian country giving travel-related blessings to you.

Bottom Line:
There are too many travel credits cards in the market today. All of them come lucrative perks and benefits. Ensure that you compare all the travel credit cards before you pick one for yourself.