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The island country of Maldives is known as Dhivahi Raajie to the local people. The exploration of the abundant sea life and beautiful sandy beaches along the blue lagoon has made the location a paradise for travel maniacs. The total area is composed of numerous islands of which 192 are inhabitable. These are grouped into 28 coral atolls along the Indian Ocean. The rest have kept as virgin. Of these, a total of 100 islands have been developed as one of the most buzzing tourist market in the world.

How Maldives became a favorable tourist hub

The coral reefs in the country have proved their potential in making engaging spot for the tourists. The entire beach areas along the sea are able to build panoramic view for the visitors. These have further been developed to become ideal attraction for the tourist. The economy of the country revolves around tourism. It is estimated that a major part of the GDP of the country is formed by the fisheries and tourism. The government encourages enough promotion of the various attractions of the country. This enables the tour operators from around the world to denounce various Maldives Tour Packages  for the people of their countries.


The archipelago of Maldives consist about 1190 islands scattered along the Indian Ocean. Out of these, only 192 are inhabitable and another 100 have been promoted as tourist attraction. Rests are kept virgin, in which some are used for the purpose of peasantry. These atolls are constituted with live coral reefs. The beautiful sandy beaches are scattered over a submarine ridge whose total length is 960 kilometers. The Maldives is known to be the leveled country as the average ground level is only 1.5 km atop sea level.


The language spoken in the area is called Dhivehi. The script of the language is called Thaana that displays both of Abugaida and another true alphabet principal. It resembles a mix of Sanskrit, Singhalese and Arabic. The foods show a blend of variety. The most popular dishes among the locale is made with Tuna and reef fishes. The other one is a symbolic mix-up of curries and spices. Most of the people consume coconut juice as their principal drink. Cotton clothes are mostly preferred due tropical climate. Women like to put on libaas. This is normally adorned with threads colored in gold or silver. Most of these wearable are hand-stitched.


The travel operators organizing cheap maldives tour packages at various times of the year make concerns about the festivals that are held in different times at various venue. This is done to acquaint them with these events. The visualization of events makes one aware more about the culture of the country. Here are some enlisted events:

The Whale Shark Festival

This happening event helps in the assembling of communities at the center of creative decision making. The festival is hosted by any one of the island governance. The festooning helped the streets of the organizing island with vibrant colors. Air is also filled up with “Boduberu’ chants. The participants are enriched with some unforgettable learning experience. A procession is held that displays swimming of three whales, a giant turtle and butterfly fish above the heads of the crowd. The girls participate in the procession exhibit manta ray dance throughout the whole path.

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