Top 5 Reasons to Visit Whitsunday Islands


Whitsunday Islands are located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and are one of the main attractions of the tropical coast of Queensland. An archipelago of 74 islands, the Whitsundays are awesome to place to go on a vacation with your family and friends. Most of the islands are uninhabited and are perfect for all those people who want to spend their time in seclusion. All over the islands, you will be able to experience dense rainforests, secluded white beaches and hiking trails.

As there is a lot to do while on a trip to the Whitsundays, stating a few of the reasons won’t be an easy job. However, below are the top 5 reasons that would persuade any person to visit the Whitsunday Islands.

Breathtaking & Picturesque Views

All around the Whitsunday Islands, you will be able to experience a number of breathtaking and picturesque views. The entire collection of islands which make up the Whitsundays will enable a person to witness some of the amazing sights that nowhere else to be found in Australia. Visiting the Flagstaff Hill offers a person 360 degree views of the Grays and Bowen beach. The horseshoe bay and the Whitehaven Beach are among those spots on the Whitsundays that you cannot miss visiting. The Whitehaven beach is also regarded as one of the best beaches in the World for its sheer beauty and spectacular sights. For the entire stretch of the beach, you will be able to experience crystal clear waters and the white silica sands.

Plethora of Adventurous Activities

Most of the visitors that travel to the Whitsundays see the islands as a perfect place to indulge in a variety of adventurous activities. So, all those people who love to feel the adrenaline rush, the Whitsunday islands are no less than a paradise for them. Skydiving and jet boating are quite popular among the tourists. Just like any other island, all the common water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and much more are also available on the Whitsundays. Along with the adventurous activities going for long walks during the daytime are the best way to experience the spectacular views of the islands.

Experience the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the World and acts as a shelter for the Whitsunday Islands. Visitors from all over the globe come and witness this amazing natural wonder of the World. A few of them prefer to see the reef by having an aerial view of it. This can be done by taking a helicopter, seaplane or a boat ride. However, a few of those who want to get a close feel of the Great Barrier Reef can also dive into it. The reef is home to one of the best dive sites of the World that attract divers from all over the World. Once you get deep into the reef you will be able to encounter the colorful corals and thousands of species of fishes. As the reef has a diverse marine life a diver will be able to explore the different aquatic species.

Luxurious and Relaxing Accommodations

At Whitsundays, there is every type of accommodation that is available which range from the five star luxury resorts, self contained apartments, family resorts, boutique style hotels and the backpacker accommodations. Some of the resorts that you will find on a few of the Whitsunday Islands are rated as World class due to the services and facilities that they cater to their guests. As a large number of islands on the Whitsundays are still uninhabited which is a perfect setting for all those who are looking to spend their time on a secluded beach or inlet. Whitsundays has everything that is enough for a romantic, relaxed and an action packed adventure.

For Smooth Sailing Experience

While on the Whitsunday islands, a person can sail literally all around the year. As the Whitsundays are protected all around by the outer reef, a person will enable to have a smooth sailing experience. The stunning and clear blue waters of the Coral Sea along with the amazing islands will make the whole experience of sailing a memorable one for you. As the weather remains quite pleasant for most of the year, there is no better way to experience the true beauty and the refreshing atmosphere of the islands other than sailing.

Great Hospitality and Affordable

It doesn’t matter on which island you are on the Whitsundays, as you will receive the best hospitality. Most of the local people of the islands are quite friendly and welcoming. There are a number of restaurant options to dine and enjoy the local exotic food. You don’t have to shed too much out of your pocket to enjoy a good extravagant meal on the islands. For the length of time that you are on the islands, there won’t be a single moment where you would that any of the facilities are lacking on the islands.

In The End

If you are looking for a destination that is perfect for going on a vacation then look no further than the Whitsunday Islands. All the reasons which are mentioned in this article would persuade any person to make their way on to the islands. Whitsundays are a perfect place to get rid of all the stresses of your life and spend some quality time in seclusion.

Getting to the islands is also quite easy as there are a number of direct flights which fly from the major cities of Australia that will enable you to reach the islands. Traveling from one island to the other can be done by taking a boat ride, ferry ride or by hiring any of the luxurious yachts. So, if you are planning to take a trip to the islands anytime soon, I suppose that the reasons which are mentioned in this article would persuade you t travel to the islands even more.


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